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Functions on Our

School E-Portal

Complete School E-Portal

Manages Portal for Teachers, Parent, Student and School Admin.It includes auto result computation and printing among many others

School Accounting Package

Followup your account activities with auto fees generation and auto mailing among other features

Payment Gateway Integration

Followup your account activities with auto fees generation and auto mailing among other features

Online School admission

Setup school admissions parameters. Sell form online to candidates all over the world. Manage exams, messaging, admissions list and other things from one single control panel.

Computer Based Tests

Setup CBT Exams for students in different classes for any subjects. Exams are marked in real time and results available for teachers to use as CA or Exam Scores.

Live Lecture

Hold live online lectures with students from anywhere in the world. Teachers can integrate videos, images, file sharing, practise questions and all. Everyone can contribute to the class in real time.

Schedule Live Meetings

Make video calls and schedule live meeting with other Staff or other third party agents

Gate Access

Prepare gate pass ahead of your visitors and manage all visitations with track records

Transport / Journey Management

Maintains an excellent School Journey Management (SJM) system for your School

School Hostel Manager

Hostel Management Module helps to manage all day and boarding activities of your school

Staff Manager

Manage staffs registration, responsibilities, appraisals, promotions and disciplinary records.

Time Keeper

Manage staffs daily clock-in and clock-out using fingerprint, retinal scan or facial recognition algorithms embedded in 360 Manager.

School Library

Manage library books, trace their location and keep records of borrowers and time of return.

Manage Teams & Group Work

Form teams and collaborate or work together on projects and specific assigned tasks

School Attendance Manager

Manage library books, trace their location and keep records of borrowers and time of return.

Student Records

Have access to all your students bio data, grades, schedules,disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities and other records. Records are stored for life on our database and you can access them anytime in the future.

Teacher Records

Have access to all your teachers information, activities, schedules and other records. Records are stored for life and you can access them anytime.

Parent Access

All parents have access to view their wards reports, attendance, results, assignments, class activities and other things. They can also contact the school or class teacher directly and recieve messages from other parents. They can do this even with their phones!


Teachers can give assignment online and give options of marking them by the software or manually. Scores will be stored and can be added automatically to the teachers grade book. Parents see their wards home work and will know if they have been done or not.

Lecture Notes & Lesson Plan

The world has gone beyond writing class notes on chalk boards or sharing papers. Teachers can type and upload their lecture notes for their students. The notes will always be online and available to all legible students and they can read or print it if they want

Grade Book

All teachers have their own personal gradebooks and all a teacher needs to do is to input the grades. The program does the remaining aspects of collation, additions and giving students positions based on their grades.

Report Cards

Customize your report cards according to your taste. Set the grading criterias, select contents and edit a design that suits you. You can decide to print it but it will be automatically mailed to parents at the end of the Term / Session. Also available for parents to view from their page.


Transcripts are automatically generated at the push of a button. You can customize the design and content attributes to suit your request.

School Assets Tracking

Track all your school's assets, record and arrange them in folders for easy identification. ** Access to this is only by the school admin and this feature is only made available on request

Fee Tracking / Pocket Money

Manage Students Pocket money amd track debtors. Also send them reminders automatically via e-mail and text-messaging. You can also manage your workers salary and loans.

Termly / Sessional Broadsheet

Get class termly or sessional broadsheet for continuous assessments, mid-term or end of term on a click of a button.


Get automated analysis on Student performance, expenses, population growth, teaching performance, behavioural analysis, e.t.c

Over 5000 clickable functions, Try it for free today!

Functions on Our

School Website

Online Admission

Run your process of admission from payment for forms, filling of forms, and taing exams completely online through your website

Backend Full Customization

All the pages in your website are fully dynamic such that you can change texts, pictures, graphics and other features directly from your admin login. You don't need to contact us if you want to make any changes on your site. You are in full control.

Multilingual Capabilities

Your website is programmed to translate multiple languages. For now, there are 11 languages available. They are; English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese.

Comprehensive Gallery

Your website is complete with a dynamic and comprehensive gallery. You can upload infinite number of pictures and group pictures into folders. People can make comments and contributions to pictures and you can add or delete pictures at will!

Income Through Adverts

We include spaces for advertisements in your website. You can add adverts from your admin page and generate money. ** We will also be advertising within your SMS pages and you are entitled to 50% of the annual total advert money we make from your website

Web Themes

You can choose between over 100 different website designs for your website. You can even decide to be changing your website look and feel everyday! We keep adding more and more designs everyday. You can never run out of options!

Unlimited Webmails

No limits to the amount of webmails that will be created for your School. Webmails are email accounts such as yourname@schoolwebsite.com which is regarded by most institutions as your official email address

Daily Analytics / SEO

Get daily analysis on total number of visitors and clicks on your site. This will also help in your ads to target your customers. Also your site will be optimize for easy search on google and other social sites


Website Payment is a one-time fee and very affordable.
Price is N100,000 flat. and you do not need to pay again and not anytime in the future

Functions on Our

Mobile Applications

Available on Playstore

Your School mobile app will be available on playstore for anyone to download

Online Admission

Let Students apply to your school through the mobile application. They can also write examination via the app

Multilingual Capabilities

Your mobile app will be able to translate to 5 different languages

Parent Access

Parents can access the portal via the mobile application

P.T.A Meetings

Let parents join P.T.A live broadcast via the portal as well as video calls and other meetings

Payment gateway integration

Give parents opportunity to make any payments online or recieve donations

Real Time Messages

Allow users to get push messages / instant messages from Schools on their devices

Other Functions and Abilities

Allow access to several functions connected to School portal on specific access for students in the School or other public persons

Very Affordable

A one-time payment is required where you don't need to make any payment again and not in the future.

Awaiting Benefits

Other Outstanding Benefits

Other great benefits you get from subscribing to any of the services
  • A support / dedicated Staff for your School
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Update / Upgrade
  • Free Training
  • 5000 free text messages
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